Trafficking: So You’re Aware, Now What?

In Christian RealTalk by Antwuan Malone

Awareness is fine and dandy, but what’s after that?

Trafficking has become one of the hottest causes in America. And with this month being Human Trafficking Awareness Month, I’m sure you’re going to see lots of statistics and other information about how big a problem trafficking is in America.

I love that the cover is being pulled back on this heinous crime, but I will admit to not being sure what to actually do about it. Awareness is one thing. Strategy and action is quite another. And so, after a long day of reading article after article explain to me the what’s of trafficking, I am left asking the question… How?

How do I do something about trafficking? How have I inadvertently contributed to human trafficking? And what can I do to put a dent in this global issue.

Here are three ways I hope to answer that question in this month.

1. Listen To The Pros

There are several subject matter experts on human trafficking, but none more compelling than Tomi Grover. I met Tomi about a month ago, and she blew me away with her engaging speaking presentation.

If you are in the Dallas area, you will have two opportunities to hear Tomi this month. The first will be at Greater Dallas Movement Day on January 23, 2014. Tomi will handle a breakout session on human trafficking where she will provide strategic and comprehensive tools  you can use to help eliminate human trafficking. Tickets for GDMD are priced at about $100. For what it’s worth, Tim Keller will be keynote!

2. Find People Who Share Your Passion

There are lots of internet communities, social media conversations (#HumanTrafficking) and blogs out there where you can connect with people who share your passion for eliminating human trafficking. Participating in these communities and discussions can shed some light on places where you can join activities already in progress!

If you are a Young Christian, INITIATIVE is a great place to meet people, face-to-face, who share you passion. Again, if you are in Dallas, INITIATIVE is holding a free Gathering this month for Young Christians (18-35) centered around human trafficking. Young Christians from all over the city attend the monthly INITIATIVE Gatherings to be empowered and connected to organizations and local church movements that are taking action agains various issues in Dallas. As it turns out, if you don’t have the $100 to go to GDMD, you can catch Tomi Grover at this event for free.

The INITIATIVE Event is on January 27 at 6:30pm. It will be held in Elliot Hall at Highland Park Presbyterian Church. The event is free, but you should register here.

3. Divine Intervention

If you are a Christian, prayer is your most powerful weapon. Ask God to show you where you can help, and to lead you to the people, resources, and organizations that can help you take action. And most importantly, be ready to be obedient!

I know there are so many times when I’ve asked God for direction, and when he gives it, I hesitate. Pray for bold obedience, courage in patience, and wisdom to know when and what you should do.

Okay, now get to work!

I’ll be at the INITIATIVE Gathering this month. Are you going?

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Antwuan Malone is a Ministry Director at ELEVATE Young Adult Ministry ( where empowers young adults toward Christian leadership. He is passionate about seeing young adults take their place in church history by drawing near enough to God to hear his call on their life, and courageously living in obedience to that call.