This is the question many of us face when choosing whether to be Christians or not. Rob Bell, pastor of Mars Hill church and writer of five books offers an answer to the question.


For everyone.

In his new book, Love Wins, Rob Bell seems to offer that God will save us all — as in everyone who ever lived. He seems to say that a loving God would not send billions and billions of people to Hell, least of all the greatest of us like, say, Ghandi.

As you can imagine, the book has ignited a firestorm of conversation and and reviews for his thoughts on God, Heaven, Hell, and how it all relates to us. Rather than rush through the book to put up a quick review, I thought it’d be fitting to walk through his thoughts.

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Chapter 1 — What About the Flat Tire?

Chapter 2 — Here is the New There

Chapter 3 — Hell

Chapter 4 — Does God Get What God Wants?

Chapter 5 — Dying to Live

Chapter 6 — There are Rocks Everywhere

Chapter 7 — The Good News Is Better Than That

Chapter 8 — The End Is Here

Candid Christianity’s “Love Wins” Review

Other Media

Click Here to see an interview Rob Bell gives Lisa Miller the night before his book released.

Audio Review of Chapters 1-3: 

Rob Bell Response: