Love and Other Drugs…

In Love, my musings by Antwuan Malone

it’s official. i’m a fan of love.

yesterday i went to see the movie “Love and Other Drugs” and it reminded me of how much of a softy I am.

love, as glamorous and superficial as it sometimes is shown on the movie screen, is one of the most mysterious ideas known to man. and yet, we are so drawn to it. to pictures and images of it. examples. stories. we read about it in books, sing about it in songs, etc.  i was riding to work this morning and passed by two horses standing next to each other, locked at the lips. (yes, you can find horses in the great metropolitan city of frisco, texas). i wanted to stop and grab my phone to take the picture of it. a total kodak moment. unfortunately, i had to head to work. but just the thought of it makes the day a little better.

if you ask anyone to define love, they’d stumble over their words. if you look in the bible it calls us to to important agape love. that is, the unconditional love God has for us.

it sounds great in theory. but have you really thought about unconditional love?

not to go against the bible, but isn’t there some condition that leads us into love? isn’t there some benefit we receive that facilitates loving someone. whether that someone is the God of the universe, or our rival across town? as it turns out, unconditional love is darn near impossible. i think God knew this, which is one of the reasons Jesus died on the cross. to give us the condition for our love for him. honestly, without that condition, would you still love God? if you approach this thing logically, couldn’t you say we need conditions for love?

i’d say yes.

but then i saw a movie that showed me something. it reminded me of the love we can have for each other. a love that anticipates the bad times and pre-decides to love through it.  to serve through it.

in this movie it was a romantic love, but i can’t help but see God in the picture. i can’t help but see Jesus sacrificing himself knowing full well that millions of those he died for would refuse this token of love and choose an eternity separated from him. i can’t help but see me and my enemy, or me and that someone i have no emotional investment in. in a way, “Love and Other Drugs” is a more christian movie than even “Facing the Giants” because it shows a love that looks past the greatness of the moment, a love that looks past the benefits we get from our love’s object. it shows a love of service. a love of decision. a love poised to last forever because it has chosen to shine through the good times and the inevitable bad. a rare, selfless brand of love that will change the way you see life.

we live in a selfish world. i’m selfish. but it’s movies like this that remind us in unpreachy, real life, (if not too gratutious) ways that inbred in the human condition, along with the need to serve ourselves, is the amazing need to serve others. to love others.

maybe that is why i’m a fan of love. and deep down, i think we all are. don’t you?

(movie is rated R and is ABSOLUTELY for mature audiences only)

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Antwuan Malone is a Ministry Director at ELEVATE Young Adult Ministry ( where empowers young adults toward Christian leadership. He is passionate about seeing young adults take their place in church history by drawing near enough to God to hear his call on their life, and courageously living in obedience to that call.