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Why Atheists Are Wrong About the Afterlife (Part 2)

In Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone0 Comments

This is a continuation of a response to a video posted on YouTube by TheThinkingAtheist which featured a collection of thoughts from popular Atheist youtubers regarding life, meaning, and the afterlife. It’s a well produced video (as is many of this channels vids) and after seeing it, I wanted to post some retorts to the points it makes. This is part two …

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Why Atheists Are Wrong About the Afterlife (Part 1)

In Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone3 Comments

I’ve recently found a couple atheist channels on YouTube that make compelling and clear atheistic points in artistic, beautiful ways. Some are done through cartoon, like the ones by DarkMatter2525 (with a fair amount of profanity for those of you concerned with that). Others are done by video cam exposition like DarkAntics. And then there’s TheThinkingAtheist who puts together some well produced videos that …

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Once Saved Always Saved… Maybe

In Christian RealTalk, Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone16 Comments

Some of the most lively conversations I’ve had with Christians come from the question, once saved always saved? It’s a subject, like many here at Candid Christianity, that’s hard to cover in a little blog. Truly giving it the consideration it needs leads us into fundamental conversation about God and his motives, grace and it’s purpose, and the definition of …

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For Love Or Glory?

In Christian RealTalk, Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone6 Comments

The Perspectives class I’ve been taking for about six weeks has really challenged the way I perceive God. One of the biggest challenges came in the second (or third) week, when we talked about God’s primary motivation for creation — and by extension, the purpose for us being here — being to receive worship and glory. Now, I generally get skeptical about  “most important” …