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Facing the Monster

In Christian RealTalk by Antwuan Malone

How I Opened My Eyes to the Reality of Sex Slavery Andi Hawkins: [ti_audio media=”626″ autoresume=”1″ volume=”40″] Click PLAY button to hear the Interview! Almost two years ago I sat with my head in my hands after seeing a video about the sex slave industry in India. A friend had invited me to a screening of the video “Good …

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What God Really Thinks About Good People

In Christian RealTalk, Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone

I hate merit reviews. I used to love them. Well, maybe not love, but at least I looked forward to them. And that’s because, somewhere along the way someone told me  merit review time meant “raise” time, assuming you did good work. And not a piddly raise you won’t hardly notice. I mean something that really shows appreciation for  dedication …

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Dr. King: Dreamer or Delusional

In my musings by Antwuan Malone

one day, i posted a poll about dr. king’s dream. the question was simple:

“is dr. king’s dream feasible or fantasy?”

i was surprised to see that nearly 75% of the votes were for fantasy. i discussed it more in that thread, and as the reasons for their lack of belief in the feasibility of king’s dream grew more clear, so did my disappointment. i don’t even think the forum could agree on what king’s dream actually is.

so now i put the question to you…

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Is The Bible Losing Steam?

In Christian RealTalk by Antwuan Malone

Did you know: 60% of Americans can’t name either half the 10 commandments or the 4 gospels.

A fellow blogger opened her post about biblical literacy by saying “I would venture to say more Christians have the lyrics to Beyonce’s Single Ladies memorized than they do Bible verses.” (thanks @modernreject (check her out at

I think I agree.

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America a Christian Nation? Hardly!

In Christian RealTalk, Politics, Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone

America is not at all a Christian nation. Not even a little.

The first of the 10 commandments (the one I believe Jesus does the least amount of tampering with in his own answers to questions about laws and such) is simple. “You shall have no other gods before me.” I bring up the ten commandments because it is probably the most cited source of pre-American, biblical legislation by those who would disagree with my assessment of America’s Christian brand. It is, for them, a basis (one of many) from which our forefathers drew the constitution.

The importance of “putting no other god before” God cannot be…

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I Am Afraid Of Church…

In Christian RealTalk by Antwuan Malone

When’s the last time you wore a flak jacket to church?

Probably never, if you live in America. Because here in America, church is a pretty safe place to be. At least in the physical sense.

But what if I told you more people wear flak jackets to church service than you probably realize? What if I told you, I wore a flak jacket last week in service, right in the heart of Texas? And what if I told you that when you go to church, it’s likely you’re wearing one too?