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ideas and time

In my musings by Antwuan Malone2 Comments

i spoke with a friend from church yesterday and in the flow of conversation he said something that got me thinking. i’d gone on and on about ideas i have for ministry, for the young emerging adult group that i try to have community with, and so on, and he said…

“more ideas than you have time for”

it was one of the offhand remarks that come in the conversations we have about life and busyness. but it did get me thinking…

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osama. dead.

In my musings by Antwuan Malone11 Comments

is God crying or clapping? it’s official. president obama has graduated from denzel washington’s “school of cool strides.” last night, after delivering the news of osama bin laden’s death, ending with “… and God bless America.” my brother and i both noticed how cool obama’s stride was. the only thing missing theme music.  really, i think someone should make a …

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how to get there

In my musings by Antwuan Malone4 Comments

my musings

ever wonder what it’s like to know what you’re here for?
i do. i’ve been wondering that for like over ten years.
i knew what people said.
“you’re gonna be just like your dad.”
“you’re next!”
“i see a glow in you.”

but you can’t go on what other people say…

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Dr. King: Dreamer or Delusional

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one day, i posted a poll about dr. king’s dream. the question was simple:

“is dr. king’s dream feasible or fantasy?”

i was surprised to see that nearly 75% of the votes were for fantasy. i discussed it more in that thread, and as the reasons for their lack of belief in the feasibility of king’s dream grew more clear, so did my disappointment. i don’t even think the forum could agree on what king’s dream actually is.

so now i put the question to you…