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3 Strategies For Culture Change

In Leadership by Antwuan Malone

Leadership is hard. There typically comes a time when change is upon you as a leader. Whether that change is from growth (Larry Osborne implores we never forget “growth changes everything” in his book “Sticky Teams”), a change in the psycho-graph of your constituency, a shift in the market, or an attempt to stay relevant and morph with the times, it’s coming. …

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Leadership: Empowerment vs. Excellence

In Christian RealTalk, Leadership by Antwuan Malone

We’ve all had this happen. Our child presents us a drawing they’ve been toiling over for half an hour with a chest full of pride and beaming smile. We grab the sheet of paper from their outstretched hands, and proceed to examine something that looks like nothing we’ve ever seen. And the game begins. Is it a primitive beast, a …