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Pastors and Expectations: Hypocrite or Holy?

In Series, Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone7 Comments

Perfection, or somewhere darn near. That’s what we want from our pastors. When Paul wrote Timothy “if a man desire the office of bishop, he desires a good work” he didn’t say anything about the incredible pressure that comes with it. Not to mention the pressure of actually doing the job. Pressure, because the American Christian is over the top …

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Pastors and Money

In Series, Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone41 Comments

[box] Pastors and Money is a part 1 of the series Pastors – A Blog Series. Stay tuned for more conversation about Pastors on Honor, Expectations, and Leadership. Enjoy! [/box] Pastors and Money Career or Calling   It boils down to this: Is being a pastor a career or a calling? Everyone’s got an opinion about pastors and money. Some …