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American Christian or Christian American?

In Christian RealTalk, Politics by Antwuan Malone2 Comments

I get most frustrated with the Christian presence in America around this time. Every four years, I am reminded of our perceived reliance on government to “Christianize” our nation. And each year I openly wonder where the priority of the American Christian’s allegiance lies. Aside from how contradictory platform stances are with Christian principles, which is pretty frustrating, I find …

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Said Politics to Religion, “I Want A Divorce!”

In Christian RealTalk, Politics by Antwuan Malone8 Comments

It doesn’t matter the subject: prayer in schools, legalizing abortion, same-sex marriage, capital punishment, the Christian church, in large part, has come to expect that its for life should also be America’s rules for life. Maybe not down to every detail (after all, we haven’t made fornication illegal yet. And we certainly don’t expect American government to take care of the poor the way Jesus asks his followers to), but for the most part, we expect the Bible to carry some weight in American legislation. For some unsubstantiated reason, we feel we deserve it.

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An Entitlement Society

In Christian RealTalk, Politics by Antwuan Malone5 Comments

An Open Hands Society You’re driving home in the pouring rain after a long day of work, thinking about what’s for dinner. When suddenly, from afar off, you see him. A man, standing on the corner in tattered clothes, soaked and shivering. Your heart pangs at the sight of him standing there, wet, fumbling with a cardboard sign you’re too far …

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America a Christian Nation? Hardly!

In Christian RealTalk, Politics, Tough Questions by Antwuan Malone15 Comments

America is not at all a Christian nation. Not even a little.

The first of the 10 commandments (the one I believe Jesus does the least amount of tampering with in his own answers to questions about laws and such) is simple. “You shall have no other gods before me.” I bring up the ten commandments because it is probably the most cited source of pre-American, biblical legislation by those who would disagree with my assessment of America’s Christian brand. It is, for them, a basis (one of many) from which our forefathers drew the constitution.

The importance of “putting no other god before” God cannot be…