What Is Candid Christianity?

In a conference a while ago… 

…a speaker challenged everyone in the room to identify the world’s biggest problem, then went on to ask “How are you uniquely equipped to help solve that problem.” The answer to this question, they went on to say, is the first step to finding our purpose.

You could say Candid Christianity was my answer. To me, the world’s biggest problem is the flailing influence of God’s true church. It seems the world is less and less enchanted with The Church’s message. They no longer trust us.

So I thought, what if we threw them for a loop. What if Christians refused to conceal their thoughts, doubts and fears? What if we voiced the contrarian, cynical opinions we sometimes hide in our heads? What if we asked tough questions, engaged in meaningful, soul-searching conversations, and were open about how fragile our faith sometimes feels? What if Christians were more sincere, more honest, more candid… more real?

What if?

Candid Christianity is about facilitating freedom to speak with authenticity. Sometimes, I call out the church for the stupid things it does, and sometimes I challenge the unsaved to reconsider their position. And for fun, I like to throw in a few reviews of books and movies.

In the end, I simply want to create a place where real people come to chat. A safe place, where we can discuss, disagree, even strategize about the best way to spread the gospel in an increasingly cynical, skeptical world. I hope you will join me.

Who Is Antwuan Malone

I love God, love my family, and I love conversation.

I serve as a Ministry Director for ELEVATE, a shared young adult ministry in McKinney, TX.  I am an ordained minister, called to minister to young adults between the ages of 18-30s.

I enjoy writing. I have published two books so far. The first, Reflections: Casting Stones, is a book about the realization that I was serving God out of tradition and obligation, rather than love for him.  I encourage others not to fall in the same trap. This book is no longer available. My second book is publicly available and it’s called ReThink: Challenging Christian Status Quo. It’s a book of small essays that tackle contemporary Christian issues. It’s great for small groups and personal reading.

Below are some of the many ways you can connect with me. I’d love the chance to get to meet you and hear your story about what passions God has put in your heart. Thanks for checking out my site, and I hope to see you around in the comment sections!