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The Descendants Review

Matt King lives in paradise, geographically speaking. But his life is far from a holiday.This is an honest movie about moving on. How hard it is. How imperfect we all are, and how complicated death can make our lives.

Antwuan MaloneThe Descendants Review
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5 Insights from Beauty and the Beast

Beast and Belle are number one. I’ve seen the movie so many times that, now, I’m looking for things I missed. I found a few interesting things.

Antwuan Malone5 Insights from Beauty and the Beast
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Bill Clinton: Back To Work Book Review

In Back to Work Bill Clinton doesn’t beat-you-over-the-head, with the-republicans-stink banter, Which is great since I’d rather focus on issues…

Antwuan MaloneBill Clinton: Back To Work Book Review
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Giving God More, With Less

For 2012, my motto will be to offer God my best with less… to do less, better. Last year around this time I was all excited about all kinds of things. My “resolution” was to try to be more organized and disciplined. The thinking was, “Well, if I hope to accomplish all of these things, I’m going to need to organize myself better, and execute what I organized.”

I ended up doing many things, well… but nothing really great. This year, I want to change that!

Antwuan MaloneGiving God More, With Less