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3 Strategies For Culture Change

In Leadership by Antwuan Malone

Leadership is hard. There typically comes a time when change is upon you as a leader. Whether that change is from growth (Larry Osborne implores we never forget “growth changes everything” in his book “Sticky Teams”), a change in the psycho-graph of your constituency, a shift in the market, or an attempt to stay relevant and morph with the times, it’s coming. …

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3 Keys to Discussing Social Injustices

In Christian RealTalk by Antwuan Malone

Events like the one occurring in McKinney, TX (my home town) this past weekend always send ripples through our nation. Questions will be asked. Blame will be assigned. Feelings will be hurt. And so many levels of damage feel inevitable. In a highly critical society like ours, with faces lit by smart devices with cameras in every moment, the way we converse matters all …

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Fifty Shades of Christianity

In Candid Christianity: The Blog, Christian RealTalk by Antwuan Malone

Before you freak out, this is not a post about how the popular book Fifty Shades of Grey is metaphor for anything Christian at all. Take a deep breath. Honestly, I just thought I’d capitalize on the “Fifty Shades…” branding to bring attention to a completely separate (but very appropriate) issue facing Christianity in America. I suppose I could best introduce …

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Ferguson, Action, and Emotions

In Candid Christianity: The Blog by Antwuan Malone

What if racism’s not the real issue with Ferguson? Every so often the scab of racism is peeled off society to reveal the ugly sore hiding underneath. If you’ve had a conversation with me, you know that I strongly believe that classism is the new racism. In all honesty, I think that applies even here in this situation. Mike Brown, …